Panda Tattoo

The Giant Panda is a very gentle animal 😇. It lives only in China, in places where there are mountains and bamboo forests. It is appreciated and considered a sacred being. Indeed, before 2010, the Chinese authorities could sentence anyone who has killed a panda.


Looking for tattoos for women or an idea for a tattoo for men? To finally fell on your skin the tattoo ink that will mark your body for life with a beautiful tattoo design. But which tattoo artist and tattoo to choose? A flower tattoo, a heart tattoo, a name tattoo?

So many ideas! And where should you ink your new tattoo? On your wrist, your finger, your forearm or half a sleeve? Big or small? Traditional tattoo or modern tattoo? Choosing the design of your tattoo is a challenge!

panda tattoo flower ephemeral woman

Panda Tattoo Meaning

You want a tattoo that's unique and not a butterfly tattoo, that's already overdone. A little cute panda bear would be perfect in any style, it has a deep symbolic value for all those who wear it.

1) Meaning of Panda Tattoo: Sensitivity

In Chinese legend, the Panda was all white. But when the young shepherdess died, they dipped their hands in ashes as a sign of mourning. As they cried, they rubbed their eyes to wipe away their tears, comforted themselves by wrapping their arms around them, and plugged their ears, so they wouldn't hear the others crying...

This sorrowful legend of the panda bear gives the sacred animal a sensitive and loving nature. A giant, strong but sensitive bear. He cares above all about the well-being and feelings of his loved ones.


2) Meaning of the panda tattoo: Yin yang harmony

The panda is a physical manifestation of Yin-Yang ☯ with its black and white spots. The gentle nature of the panda is a living manifestation of Yin and Yang. It is perfectly balanced, a symbol of peace and harmony in the universe.

The symbol and meaning of yin yang dates back to ancient China 🇨🇳. It represents opposing and simultaneously complementary forces that make up this world... Yin and Yang is part of a whole.

- Yin, the black part represents: darkness, water, rivers and women. Globally, we can see it as dark and negative.

- Yang, The white side, more positive, represents the light, the sun, the earth and the man. The two little black and white dots remind us that everything is never all black or all white. The balance of the world wants there to be Yin in Yang and vice versa.yin-yang-panda

3) Personal symbolism!

You can very well create your meaning of your Panda tattoo. Like the mother of Dominic Thiem, the famous tennis player! Indeed, this proud mother has decided to get a tattoo every time her son wins a title. She almost got another tattoo! But her son lost to Novak Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open on February 2, 2020. She already has an eagle feather for his victory in Indian Wells and a panda for his victory at the ATP 500 in Beijing.

Panda Tattoo Ideas

Do you like panda symbolism? You want to engrave it on your skin but you still don't know which style to choose? We have selected different styles of panda tattoos to help you in your quest.

1) Origami Panda Tattoo

Japan origami has been elevated to the rank of art. The art of folding paper to give birth to these nice shapes nowadays tattooed on the bodies. The crane is the origami in the greatest degree, it represents peace and would even have the capacity to grant your wishes. You have to fold a thousand paper cranes before your wish can be granted. It would thus be an excellent idea to combine origami and panda for a perfect cute Japanese Tattoo.

➡️ Ephemeral Panda Tattoo (Origami)

   space-panda-tattoo  arm-panda-tattoo  panda-tattoo-chest  origami-panda-bear  origami-panda-bear-wolf-tattoo

2) Geometric Panda Tattoo

The geometric tattoo is minimalist and elegant. These shapes combine perfectly. They are ideal. And starting with a small geometric tattoo is always a good idea. Especially if it's the first permanent tattoo in your life! You won't regret it for sure because a small triangle or circle is discreet and graceful. So combine a geometric design with your panda and let your style speak for itself.

   panda-tattoo-thigh  geometric-panda-tattoo  cute-geometric-panda  colorful-panda-tattoo  chest-geometric-panda-tattoo

3) Mandala Panda Tattoo

In Sanskrit, mandala means “sphere”, “community”. Present in Hindu culture 🛕, it is also found among Buddhists where it is used for meditation. This drawing that one makes to meditate is an invitation to come into contact with another world. Tattooed people who wear a mandala, are sometimes looking for a strong link with spirituality. Associating Ying and Yang with this spiritual tattoo would be perfect! So associate the black and white panda 🐼 with the mandala with a beautiful tattoo on your back!

   mandala-panda-tattoo  blue-mandala-panda-tattoo  arm-mandala-panda-tattoo  thigh-mandala-panda-tattoo  yin-yang-panda-tattoo

4) Tribal panda tattoo

As you might have guessed, the patterns of tribal tattoos vary from people to people and from culture to culture. If there is one thing in common between the different tattoos, it is that most of them are made in black color only. They take up that date back hundreds 💯 of years and are prolonged throughout the world. Today tribal tattoos have a characteristic appearance gives wearer wild warlike look for this reason were very popular as man tattoo idea. Nothing is stronger and more tender than the panda.

  tribal-panda-tattoo tribal-giant-panda-tattoo  cute-panda-tribal-tattooeating-panda-tattoo  small-tribal-panda-tattoo

5) Kawaii 可愛い Panda tattoo

Kawaii is a Japanese 🇯🇵 word meaning “cute”. It's used to describe anything cute. Especially anything about Japanese pop culture, but also about animals or people. Kawaii culture is very present in several Asian countries such as Japan and China. What if the kawaii, cute style is quite your style? Then get a cute little kawaii panda tattoo on your wrist!

➡️ Ephemeral Panda Tattoo (Kawaii)

   kawaii-panda-tattoo  ankle-panda-tattoo  rolling-panda-tattoo  cute-ankle-panda-tattoo  cute-panda-bear-tattoo

6) Kung Fu Panda Tattoo

The panda has become the icon of Pop Culture. The panda is also very present in various art works. So, you can choose to get a tattoo of one of the kung fu panda characters. Why not, Master Po Ping? Or Master Shifu? Or Grand Master Oogway 🐢? And why not one of the Furious Five (Master Tigress, Master Viper, Master Monkey, Master Mantis, Master Crane). Here are some sources of inspiration:

   kung-fu-panda-tattoo  kung-fu-panda-fight-tattoo  ready-kung-fu-panda-tattoo  baby-kung-fu-panda-tattoo  shifu-kung-fu-panda-tattoo

7) Red Panda Tattoo

The red panda is the embodiment of kindness and patience. The symbolic meaning also includes balance like the panda, as well as independence, security, and nonchalance. The red panda is the most beautiful sacred mammal of all time, so it would be perfect for a tattoo. Here are a few ideas:

   mandala-red-panda-tattoo  colorful-red-panda-tattoo  geometric-red-panda-tattoo  realistic-red-panda-tattoo  cute-red-panda-tattoo

Ephemeral Panda Tattoo

The technique of tattooing has existed for thousands of years. But taking the plunge can be scary. Won't I get bored? Have I chosen the right place? The right pattern? These are all questions that bother you before you get your first tattoo. So to avoid taking any risks, why not try ephemeral tattoos? They have a lifespan of two to ten days. The principle is the same as the decals of our childhood. But today, the patterns and designs are much more elaborate. But, if you're still hesitating to mark your skin forever with a Panda Tattoo. Or if you're scared to death of the stings and faint at the sight of even the smallest drop of blood. We have the solution, you can adopt a painless and ephemeral Panda Tattoo.


50 Panda Tattoo Ideas

We have selected many panda tattoo designs for you. Because you didn't find your happiness with the tattoo ideas above. We thus suggest you, why not, take one of these designs and create your tattoo