Panda Plush

We Love Panda has the largest range of pandas plush toys on the English-speaking market. If you are looking for a woven cotton or polyester plush, our store is the place for you!


Also appreciated by adults, the Panda plush is mainly intended for children. An ideal gift idea from birth, the textile of the plush is as soft as fur. Children most often use them as a toy to tell themselves beautiful stories, but they can also be objects to reassure themselves. 

They come in all sizes, sometimes up to 2 meters for the largest plush or eating bamboo for the smallest... In all materials (linen, silk, nylon or wool) and colors, and can also be used as decorative objects in a child's room.

Our plush toys as well as our clothes are made from linen, silk, wool or synthetic yarns to obtain a premium quality. Thread spools are carefully chosen for the manufacture of our plush toys to obtain a sustainable plush that respects our environment. Our teams, based all over the world, are in charge of checking the quality and standard of each product before each shipment.