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Panda Christmas Gift

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Gifts for men? Gifts for women? A personalized gift? Does your friend like panda? Then gifting some panda things! 

As you may have seen at We Love Panda we are true panda lovers. That's why we know what kind of gift would please a panda addict.

Pandas are real living black and white plush. But it is impossible to adopt one because it would be far too dangerous. And then it is happier in its natural habitat in China. But don't worry, we have selected the top 10 best pandas gifts for you to give at Christmas. Don't buy now a candle, but buy a unique gift for your unique friend! 

Here we go!


Top 1: A visit to the zoo!


The best gift for a panda lover is indeed a visit to a zoo with giant pandas! What a thoughtful gift! But, which zoo has pandas? Here is the list of zoos that have pandas:

  • Atlanta Zoo - USA
  • Washington Zoo - USA
  • Memphis Zoo - USA
  • Mexico City Zoo - Mexico
  • Zoo Aquarium of Madrid - Spain
  • Schönbrunn Zoo - Austria
  • Edinburgh Zoo - UK
  • Beauval Zoo - France
  • Pairi Daiza Zoo - Belgium
  • Berlin Zoo - Germany
  • Ähtäri Zoo - Finland
  • Copenhagen Zoo - Denmark
  • Moscow Zoo - Russia
  • Chiangmai Zoo - Thailand
  • Kobe Zoo - Japan
  • Adventure World of Shirahama - Japan
  • Ueno Zoo - Japan
  • Singapore's River Safari Zoo
  • Malaysia Zoo
  • Everland Complex - South Korea
  • Taman Safari - Indonesia
  • Adelaide Zoo - Australia

Top 2: Pink Panda Sweater


What better way to show your love for this little black and white bear than to wear a garment bearing his effigy! This pink panda sweater would be a perfect gift for her and the minimalist and attractive design makes it possible to wear this sweater every day. So, this sweater would be perfect for an unconditional panda lover. This sweater is not good enough to you?  Do you want a panda sweater for a boy? Well, I suggest you take a look at our beautiful collection of panda sweaters!

Top 3: Panda Mug Cookie Holder


You are here in the presence of the indispensable for every panda lover! And yes, who doesn't like pandas and who doesn't like cookies? Well, I tell you people! A perfect combination to brighten up the beginning of the day! An original birthday gift far away from panda mugs printed completely overdone.  But since this object is a real must have, it is possible that your friend already has it... Don't panic, we have a bunch of other mugs just for you, best gifts ever!

Top 4: Panda Desk Lamp


Why not give a panda desk lamp as a gift? Maybe it'll brighten up your colleague's desk a bit. Sounds like a great idea for a Christmas present to me, plus it's absolutely adorable!

Top 5: Panda Plushies



Panda Plushies are perfect gifts for kids, teenagers, adults, everybody loves pandas! And surprise all pandas lovers, whatever their age, appreciate having a little panda plush close to them. A cute and soft panda cuddly toy to be hugged before going to sleep. The ideal gift!

Top 6 : Panda Earrings Christmas Gift


If your friend prefers discreet gifts and it's a girl this gift is perfect and in season! But if you want to offer a gift that is just as discreet but different we suggest you take a look at our collection of pandas jewelry, perfect gifts for her!

Top 7: Pandas onesie


I assume you've heard of unicorn full-on pajamas? They're everywhere and every unicorn lover loves them! Why would they do that? Because they make them feel like a real unicorn! So, why don't you get your friend some panda pajamas? It's original and I'm sure he'll love it! We're on the verge of creating full panda pajamas, it will finally bring together lovers of pandas and unicorns.

Top 8: Panda Cool T-shirt


Do you want to offer something stylish and tasteful? Still on the panda theme?  I'm not mistaken, this gift would be ideal! It is however possible that you dislike it, it is possible, but do not panic we have some times we have pandas t-shirts so come and take a look at our collection of panda t-shirts.

Top 9: Origami Panda Tattoo (Temporary)





We're talking about an ephemeral tattoo and not a real tattoo! An ephemeral tattoo doesn't stay long, it doesn't hurt, and it's not expensive! If your friend loves pandas, and he's still a little too scared to get a tattoo, then this is the holiday gift for him! And given the low price you can look at our ephemeral panda tattoo collection to give him another one. 

Top 10: Panda Ears Backpack


That's a nice panda bag, isn't it? I think it's very classy. It's a great gift for a sophisticated woman who loves pandas. A perfect woman, in fact! You're lucky to have her as a friend. And you know what else we have great bags. Backpacks, handbags of all sizes, colors, and styles so come see our great collection of pandas bags, all of them are perfect gifts to your girlfriend

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the holiday season at WE Love Panda:

Here it is, the top 10 our best Christmas gifts and I hope you have found the perfect gift for the end of the year. If it is not the case we advise you to visit our online shop We Love Panda, THE reference in accessories and panda decoration.


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