Can You Have A Pet Red Panda?

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Can You Have A Pet Red Panda?

Red pandas melt your little heart? Do you want a red panda as a pet? Is it really possible to have a pet? Can you get a red panda as a pet in the US?

At We Love Panda we are a big fan of giant pandas, but not only! We are also completely crazy about red pandas. So, we totally understand that we might want a red panda as a pet. So, we decided to answer the question we are often asked: Are red pandas pets?

NO! Red pandas are not pets. They are far too wild to stay cooped up in your house! 🏡

In this article you will discover the reasons why the panda cannot be considered a pet.

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What is a red panda?

The red pandas (Ailurus fulgens), are mammals closer to the raccoon than to the giant panda 🐼. Today, only 2,000 red pandas live in the wild. The habitats of this animal are located in the rainforests of the Himalayas in Nepal.

The red panda is a species at risk, such as snow leopards, elephants and white rhinoceros. Classified as endangered, the Red Panda has been on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species since 1960. Deforestation, urbanization and poaching are the main threats to its numbers. And captive breeding in zoos is having a hard time getting red panda babies to maintain their numbers and save them from extinction.

what is a red panda?


Red Panda as a pet?

Interest in the red panda as a big cat is growing. The reason? The growing number of cute images of these animals shared on social networks. This wild species are not adapted to a domestic life. 😔


red panda as pet?

So, here the reason why a red panda cannot be a pet:

1) Distrustful animal

It's true that baby pandas can be super adorable in the first few days after birth. But as an adult, the nature of the red panda awakens. Whether living in captivity or in the wild, the red panda is a wary animal, suspicious of everything, even other pandas.

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2) Great deal of attention and care

They also need a lot of attention and care 😘. This panda can eat the equal of a quarter of its body weight every day and can also defecate the equal of its body weight in a week. Does that detail "buyers" ignore, considering this animal as a small teddy bear?

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3) It smells terrible and it's dangerous!

Despite his fluffy appearance, you wouldn't want to cuddle him. Indeed, when disturbed, the red panda can give off a strong odor secreted by its anal glands, so pungent that it scares away predators. What's more, the red panda has feline claws that will shred your furniture, and even you.

But, in some parts of Nepal and India, red pandas are still kept as pets. The best known example is that of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A panda was given as a gift 🎁 to her family, but she was unable to domesticate it. So, the panda lived in a special enclosure that met its natural needs.

The international pet trade is growing, making it one of the most devastating businesses for wildlife. While some exotic animals are being bred in captivity to satisfy this new market, other endangered species such as the Bengal tiger and cheetah are trapped in their natural habitat. These animals often die during capture or transport, and even when they arrive alive with their new owners, they often suffer in their new situation, unable to feed and move around as they would in the wild.

Like all wild animals, the red panda is not meant to be domesticated, it is not a domestic cat. Removed from its natural habitat, it can, like other species, die during capture, transport or arrival in the environment imposed by traders…

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I know they're adorable and all, but if you're really crazy about the red panda, the idea of adopting it as a pet shouldn't even cross your mind! But to want his freedom with all your heart is unfortunately not enough. You have to take concrete action to save the red panda from extinction because the threat from man is far too great. That's why the "We Love Panda" team decided to invest $1 for each product sold for the cause of the red panda and the giant panda. Support us by coming to see our collections, I'm sure you will find the panda item that will make you proud to take part in such a great cause.

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