Are Pandas Dangerous?

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Are Pandas Dangerous?

Are pandas friendly? Can a panda kill you? How powerful is a panda? Are pandas dangerous?

Our whole team at We Love Panda loves this little black and white bear! But we are not fooled! We know very well that the panda is a bear and not a little teddy bear!

Yes, pandas are dangerous to humans! The endangered panda is an ursidae. And like other mammals in the ursidae family, it can attack when it feels threatened. It can then inflict fearsome bites with its massive molars and powerful jaw muscles 💪. Before being one of the cutest mammals in the world, the panda is a wild specie.

In this article we will see together:
  • The power of a panda bite...
  • If the panda is dangerous to man...
  • If pandas moms kill their babies...
  • If red pandas are dangerous

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How powerful is a panda?

Present in the province of Sichuan in China, the large panda belongs to the bear family, it feeds almost only on bamboo 🎋 stems and leaves. Research on pandas shows that the giant panda is a carnivorous species that has become a vegetarian.

Because of its evolution, the panda has a sagittal crest. The presence of these bones 🦴 indicates the presence of strong chewing muscles. This bone formation, is the location of a powerful mastication muscles, giving it one of the strongest biting forces in the world.

Biologists have set up a system to calculate the strength of an animal bite. A score above 100 indicates incredible strength. The lion scored 124, the tiger 130, and the giant panda 151. The panda is a forceful animal. Of all the animals tested, the panda came in third place! Its bite represents about 292 pounds (0.13 t) of pressure.

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Are pandas dangerous to humans?

Giant panda attacks on humans are rare in a panda habitat, and specially in captivity in national zoos. But there were some panda attacks on humans at the Beijing Zoo between September 2006 and June 2009. 

  • On 19 September 2006, a 28-year-old drunk male tourist was attacked. He jumped into the giant panda enclosure to cuddle the adorable fur ball. Unfortunately for him the panda wasn't in a cuddly mood at all... So, the panda bit him in the leg to the bone 😢. 

  • On January 7, 2009, a 32-year-old tourist was attacked by a giant panda after falling into his pen. His left calf was bitten by the giant panda 🐼 and shredded his leg. Yeah... Pandas don't really appreciate the presence of a stranger in its enclosure...

Almost killed a French president! 

The president was visiting to see his daughter on a veterinary training course at the Vincennes zoo. The French president, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, wanted to enter the panda's cage "to prove the courage of the president", a rooster's pride.

But Yen Yen did not taste the presidential honor. Neither one nor two, "a panda jumped on me. The guard came to pull me out of its claws, but imagine what the comments would have been if I had been struck down by the animal...". A French president eaten by a Chinese panda, it would have been very juicy 🤫.

Panda attacks

Do pandas kill their babies?

That can happen. Endangered pandas only care for one baby - even if they have two. The mother panda will instinctively feed the stronger baby and abandon the other. So, if there are twins, the mother can let the more fragile one die.

Also, the mother panda may accidentally run over her baby. Like in 2006, when a giant panda 🐼, in a Chinese zoo animals, accidentally killed her newborn while breastfeeding.

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The angry panda 

If anyone has understood the danger of this beast, it's the Panda Cheese Company. Never say no to Panda!

Are Red Pandas dangerous?

Although smaller, this little panda is dangerous to humans because it is very aggressive 😡. And when disturbed, the red panda can give off a very awful odor secreted by its anal glands, so pungent that it scares off all kinds of predators. ➡️ Check our blog "Can you have a pet red panda?" to know more about this subject.

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Join the panda family!

In summary, giant pandas such as the red pandas are wild creatures and not domestic animals. Giant pandas have a much greater strength than humans and are capable of killing them if they feel threatened.

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